Science and Publication

  1. In 1992, the research underlying the treatment concept we developed began. The purpose of the research was to investigate the relationship between Meniere’s syndrome and CMD /cranio mandibular disorder). Meniere’s syndrome includes the symptoms of vertigo, tinnitus feeling of fullness in the ear and hearing impairment. Five studies are published in international scientific journals.You can search for articles at the following link:
    Other well-known authors are Levin R, Shore S, Sanchez T and Salvi R to name a few.   Scientific publications:
    1. Tinnitus aureum as an effect of increased tension in the lateral pterygoid muscle (letter). A Bjorne. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1993;109:969. Abstract in PDF.
    2. Craniomandibular disorders in patients with Meniere’s disease: A controlled study. A Bjorne, G Agerberg. J Orofacial Pain 1996;10:28-37. Abstract in PDF.
    3. Cervical signs and symptoms in patients with Meniere’s disease: A controlled study. A Bjorne, A Berven. J Craniomand Practice 1998;16:194-202. Abstract in PDF.
    4. Symptom relief after treatment of temporomandibular and cervical spine disorders in patients with Meniere’s disease: A three-year follow-up. A Bjorne, G Agerberg. J Craniomandib Practice 2003;21:50-60. Abstract in PDF.
    5. Reduction in sick leave and costs to society in patients with Meniere’s disease after treatment of temporomandibular and cervical spine disorders: A 6-year costbenefit study.A Bjorne , G Agerberg. J Craniomandib Practice 2003;21: 136-143. Abstract in i PDF.
    Only in Swedish:
    1. Ny mätmetod för käkmuskulatur kan finna orsaken till öronsus. J Hedbrant, A Bjorne. Projekt nr 92-11904, Nutek Stockholm. Sammanfattning i PDF.
    2. Tinnitus, käkmuskelfunktion och mätmetoder. A Bjorne, J Hedbrant. Poster presenterad vid Nuteks medicintekniska symposium 1997-04-07. Sammanfattning i PDF.
    Populärvetenskapliga publikationer:
    1. Bättre bett bra mot Ménières sjukdom. H Karlsson. Dagens medicin nr 31, 1997. Sammanfattning i PDF.
    2. Muskelspänningar orsak till Ménières sjukdom? A Bjorne, G Agerberg. Audionytt nr 3, 1996.
    3. En annorlunda dag om tinnitus. J Hedbrant. Audionytt nr 4, 1998. Sammanfattning i PDF.
    4. Tuggapparaten och nackrosetten, ett integrerat motoriskt och sensoriskt system, A Bjorne. Svensk Rehabilitering nr 3, 2005. Sammanfattning i PDF.
    5. Barns upplevelser av tinnitus – är de annorlunda än vuxnas?Anna-Lena Lindblad. Audio-Nytt nr 4, 2005. Sammanfattning i PDF.
    6. Sommatisk tinnitus – hör vi ljudet av muskelspänningar?J Hedbrant. Medikament nr 1, 2005. Sammanfattning i PDF.