In connection with a longer period of emotional stress, it is common to experience symptoms of tinnitus, dizziness and headaches. Tinnitus can be experienced as a hissing, whistling, electrical, clicking or pulse-like sound.

Dizziness can be experienced as unsteadiness, imbalance, the feeling that the body is pulling to the right or left, spinning dizziness, merry-go-round dizziness, the feeling of falling and nausea. The stress can be experienced as worry, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, irritation, anger, impatience and sadness. Stress can also be experienced as being creative, wanting to perform, wanting to be in control, having a lack of time and having many ideas and constantly being on the mind.

With the help of a comprehensive questionnaire you can easily gain insight into how you feel and how you fit into the description of cause and effect. You get advice and tips on what to do to start getting rid of the bothersome dizziness, tinnitus, pain, headache, sound sensitivity.

Many indicate that tinnitus increases with increased stress. Muscle tension is a combination of stress

That trigger teeth grinding/clenching. If you recognize yourself in this description, your tinnitus is probably somatic and therefore treatable.