Cure Vertigo, Tinnitus & Pain

Are you bothered by tinnitus, vertigo, pain expressed by such as headache, neck pain and/or migraine, you probably have a tension condition caused by stress.

Can you affect your tinnitus with jaw movements or by turning your head and touching various points at the face and throat your tinnitus is somatic. If you are bothered by vertigo (dizziness) and vertigo triggered by fast head movements, you probably have tens neck muscles. If symptoms are intensified in connection with stress, the relationships between stress and muscle tension are significant. It´s easy to end up in a vicious circle.

The understanding about the relationship factors is crucial in order to receive the correct guidance to be free from symptoms. Much you can easily do yourself by filling in our questionnaire and find out advice tailored for your symptoms. The questionnaire can be found under the treatment tab.