Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions include our privacy policy and disclaimer

  1. General terms:

The VTP Clinic conducts internet-based CBT and stress therapy.

The Costumer can download a questionnaire including reply comments to self-orientate, at a cost of 150 SEK. The Customer will contact himself via the website and then receive an individual plan with a quotation. After acceptance of the tender, payment is completed. The client can contact the clinic for a personal consultation on his own initiative after first completing the self-help form

  1. Fees and payment:

Payment can be made by credit card or internet payment by secure and encrypted payment pages provided by Billmate or Paypal. These are automatically added to you when you pay to checkout after clicking on a shopping button on the website.The Customer may be asked to pay continued therapy in advance

  1. Connection:

The Customer is responsible for the decision to download the questionnaire for 150 SEK. After the Customer answered the questions and selected “submit” the form will be saved to the Customer via his specified email address. In case of continued contact with the VTP-Clinic, the Customer is requested to send a copy to the VTP clinic.  The form does not contain the Customer´s social security number. The Customer chooses the username and password when answering the questions in the stress profile. The Customer is responsible for keeping each password so that unauthorized persons cannot access it. VTP-Clinic may not disclose Customer information or user identity.

  1. Responsibility:

The Costumer is solely responsible for the information transmitted in relation to the VTP-Clinic. The VTP-Clinic is not liable for damage or loss in the event of delay, interruption, failure or incorrect delivery of data or circumstance of similar nature. The VTP-Clinic is also not liable if any authorized person infringes the subscriber´s or other´s computer resource and provides access, destruction or corruption of data or information. The Customer may not use the Service in such a way as to cause significant inconvenience to the VTP-Clinic or to anyone else. The Customer shall discharge the VTP-Clinic from third party claims against the VTP-Clinic due to use of Service.

  1. Medical responsibility:

The individual consultation aims to increase the understanding between cause and connection and to guide a life change that means reduced stress and muscle tension in everyday life. With insight and understanding of the current situation, a process of change is initiated taking into account the person’s own needs and conditions.

The VTP-Clinic does not diagnose ICD without basing its treatment/therapy on long-term clinical experience and previous research conducted at YTS Kliniken in Ystad, Sweden (see www.somatictinnitus.com). The VTP-Clinic accepts no responsibility for any kind of damage that may result, directly or indirectly, from the use or misuse of information containing in or referenced in our documents. The VTP-Clinic does not take medical responsibility for the health of the participants/customers, but urges all customers with health problems to always seek medical advice from physicians.

  1. Copyright:

All material on these pages belongs to, and is copyrighted by VTP-Clinic. The material may not be copied, sold or distributed or otherwise disclosed without the written permission of the VTP-Clinic. However, user may make copies of the material for private, non-commercial use.

  1. Extent:

Through this agreement at the VTP-Clinic´s self-help program, the client is offered access to the VTP-Clinic´s services, which are provided for a special fee. The scope of the service is specified in the product description for each program. The subscription assumes that the subscriber has the necessary equipment such as computer and internet usage.

  1. Withdrawal:

Cancellations regarded consultation are made in writing by mail via our website www.somatictinnitus.com

  1. Term:

The terms of the respective programs apply, from the Customer´s approval of this agreement.

  1. Changes to contact terms, etc.

The VTP-Clinic is entitled to change these terms of the scope of the service three months after the Customer has been notified in writing. Minor changes to the terms or scope of the service may be made within one month after the Customer has been notified in writing.

  1. Processing of personal data.

The information you provide as a Customer is treated confidentially. No documents will contain social security numbers. When you as a user purchase one of our self-help programs, the information you provide in our Customer register will end. Your address details are only to make invoice auctions and are not disclosed to third parties. The personal data you enter as a user into the self-help program, Level 1 is saved by yourself, but in conjunction with personal consultation, you send a copy to the VTP-Clinic as a basis for further supervision. The VTP-Clinic operates under strict confidentiality and upon termination of therapy, all personal information is deleted, such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address. By accepting these terms, you agree to this agreement as a user.

Terms and conditions include our privacy policy and disclaimer